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Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Model Town Extension

For Model Town Extension Sikh community, faith goes beyond the tiny aboard of guru and god. Doors at the Gurudwara are open to anyone, who put in a small contribution and is ready to serve fellow human beings. No wonder you feel immense peace and joy in this temple, where one has to cover the head as a mark of respect to the gurus and the humanity.

Located in Model Town Extension, near Krishna Mandir, the Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha's splendour gradually unfolds as you walk through the doors. A flight of stairs leads you to the congregation hall; the three domes above stand as palpable symbols of Sikh architecture. On a well-decorated pedestal in the western corner of this hall lies Sri Guru Granth, which Sikhs regard as their 11th Guru. From this hall, the stairway descends into Langar or dining hall that can accommodate 300 people at a time.

Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Model Town Extn. is one of the famous sabha among other two or three in Ludhiana City. Within less than 12 years from 1987 to 1998, this institution has achieved so many milestones. The residents of Model Town & nearby areas helped whole-heartedly and the enormous & magnificent building of Gurudwara Singh sabha has been beautifully constructed with latest techniques & design on 4825 Sq. Yards plot. Gradually it came up with magnificent buildings and a vast area is transformed into most modern & spiritual campus to make a more humane, pure and positive world through Gurbani recitations and other religious & social activities.

This Gurudwara is quite famous in arranging very big Kirtan Darbars & Religious Programs from time to time. Almost all the renowned Ragis, Dhadis, Religious thinkers have given their precious time for this institution. The Guru's divine Shabad is recited here in the mornings to the musical accompaniments. A task that requires skill and elegance, the recital is performed by a skillful Granthi appointed by the committee that runs the Gurudwara.

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