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Greenland Senior Secondary Public School

Greenland Senior Secondary Public SchoolGreenland Senior Secondary Public School, Ludhiana, which was started on April 13, 1992 with strength of 132 students under the name of Sant Kirpal Singh Maharaj, at present, has more than 3000 students & it is affiliated to the CBSE Board.

It aims at providing value-based education to the students. It is not a place where mere instruction is delivered. For the all round development of personality, the school provides a wide range of experiences to the students. It is a boarding school and the students stay here from 8 am to 5 pm. They move in an environment with their classmates and teachers where they are safe from bad company. The school provides not only quality education but also takes care of spiritual development of students. Teachers here have the task of spreading love, understanding, acceptance and appreciation, so as to help children grow into loving beings. The boarding system helps discipline to come naturally to the students.

Schooling like this is fun, as the students hardly have anything in the name of homework. For by 5 pm, they have already completed it right there in the school and the rest of the evening is theirs. They can just hop home and freak out with their parents and pals. This also saves effort and money of their parents to get them tutors since the school has banned tuitions. The school authorities feel tuitions encourage corruption. The school has been showing excellent results, year after year.