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Guru Ram Das Academy

Guru Ram Das Academy (GRD)Located on Humbran Road on the outskirts of Ludhiana, Guru Ram Das Academy is a school with a difference. Spread over an area of 50 acres, the school offers everything that a child can ask for: sound education together with the best of sports: boating, horse riding, swimming, cricket, football, hockey, skating, table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton and basketball.

Established by Sardar Raja Singh of the Texla TV fame, the GRD is a fine mix of ideal residential and a day school i.e. the synthesis of love and care for the parents on one side and strict regimen of a residential public school on the other. As the Principal Mr J.S Dugal puts it , the Academy has an exalted aim that is enshrined in its motto: "Virtue, Excellence and Grace".

As one steps into the GRD, one tends to get transported into the realms of a utopian educational set-up: Sprawling lush green lawns, picturesque landscape, rows of ornamental plants on either side of a long driveway and the imposing structure of the school building speak volumes about the care that has gone into making the GRD a unique institution.